The Summer Court

Current titled positions

Monarch: Mushushu, a Draconic Fairest, has been the Summer King for almost fifty years. As far as most changelings know, he has always been the Summer King. He’s highly competent, charismatic, and as ruthless as he is just. The devotion he inspires in his followers is almost legendary, and the Summer Court is a united and efficient machine thanks to him.


  • Doldrum, an air-aspected Elemental, and a severe an implacable member of the Knights of the Dragonslayer. He is feared across the freehold and even in his own Court as the personal inquisitor of the Summer King.
  • Ven, a dour-faced Wizened, veteran of countless wars in Faerie, who acts as the chief strategic advisor to the King.
  • Boxer, a one-eyed Ogre, regular winner of the Court’s physical competitions and one of the King’s personal guard.
  • Nkosi, also known as the Ebony Lion, is a lion-kin Beast and the other main member of the King’s personal guard. He is peculiar in that he is not native to London, but is a South African changeling who made the difficult voyage to England for undisclosed reasons.
  • Unseen, a ghostly Darkling, is very reserved, and cryptic when he speaks, but those in the know assure everyone he is loyal and an excellent scout when called for.
  • Pain Jane is an Ogre with a serious grudge against the Fae, even by Summer Court standards. Nobody knows exactly what the Fae did to piss her off, but she’s always the most merciless when fighting the Others’ agents.
  • Juno is a lightning-aspected Elemental, known mostly for being both the youngest and most recently appointed Summer Knight, and for being the most cheerful of them by far.

The Court of War and Wrath

The Summer Court hates the Fae. That is their reaction to what they had to go through: rage. The thing that keeps them going is their desire to one day beat their Keepers to a bloody pulp. All this wrath might be contained and focused, always simmering on the surface, or appearing in wild bursts, it does not matter. What matters is that these Lost want to take the fight back to their tormentors and make them pay.

What the court does

Of course, the Summer Court does not spend all its resources planning an attack on Arcadia. They’re realistic enough to know that such a war is unwinnable. No, the Court focuses on protecting the freehold and rooting out both agents of the Fae and other possible threats to the Lost. They are a pseudo-military organization, and all Court members are trained in some form of combat, they are the muscle that is called when someone is in trouble.

Less famously, the Court also maintains various safehouses around the city where any changeling can go, rest, and be treated for most wounds by Court physicians. Anyone who attacks someone in one of the “Summer Houses” has just brought the wrath of the entire Iron Spear down upon them, so only the very stupid or ignorant attempt it.

The Summer Court

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